About Baltic Scaffolders Association

Founded in 2016

BSA – non-profit organization uniting companies that produce, rent and sell scaffolding as well as scaffolding workers.

The goal of the association is to encourage safe use of scaffolding, provide qualified trainings for scaffolders, inform about the most advanced technological innovations, consult the association members on technical questions.


Scaffolding assemblers certificate proving competence. The association has been distributing cards since 2017


The largest and most modern training center in Europe, was established in 2018 in Vilnius


Currently, the members of the association include about 20 different companies from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Kaliningrad region

Our members

Want to become a member of the BSA Association?

Legal entities involved in scaffolding activities, educational institutions and training centers may become members of the Association.

Step 1

A free-form request to join the BSA association has to be submitted and sent via email (info[eta]balticbsa.com);

A membership form (sent after receiving the request) has to be filled out;

The request to join the association will be discussed by the founding members of the association. A decision will be reached within 5 -7 business days after the submission of the request. During this time period it will be decided whether to accept the member to the BSA association.

After the founders of the association reach a decision, a yearly membership fee will be determined.

A person will officially join the BSA association on the day the joining fee is paid.


Step 2

  • Representation of the members of the association in dialogues with governmental and political institutions;
  • Consultations with specialists on technical and commercial questions;
  • Possibility to participate in exhibitions, communicate with members of scaffolding associations from foreign countries in conferences;
  • Enhancement of the company’s reputation and recognition through BSA membership;
  • Possibility to access the newest economical and legal information connected to the scaffolding industry.susijusios su pastolių pramone.